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Sekawan Sejahtera was first established in 1990 as a small family owned workshop with only 3 machines capacity.

Along the way, Sekawan Sejahtera has become more proficient as a machine shop by equipping ourselves with more proficient machines, tools and professional teams


From the very beginning, Sekawan Sejahtera has experienced in serving customer from various of industries. Our team has been eager to learn for the new technologies and capabilities to better serve our customers.

Along the way, Sekawan Sejahtera has been trusted to become a core supplier by companies, workshops, and factories in industries such as mining, construction, food and beverages, plastic moulding, automotive, textile and many more.


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In Sekawan Sejahtera, we are committed to earn customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality products along with excellent customer services. We work closely with our customers to make sure our products meet the customers’ expectations and specifications.